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Hi, welcome to our website.

My name is Chris Dalziel and I have been Blacksmithing since 1976.

Since 1986 I have been a self-employed Blacksmith based in Eastbourne.

There we were manufacturing and repairing laminated leaf springs. Making and repairing tools, Mooring chains, Shackles and specialist lifting gear.

Forging all manner of parts for boats, ships and even aeroplanes.

We have forged everything from tractor axels to a ring a movie villain wears.

The range of work has been extensive and some people say expensive.

I can tell you that the folks who have had me on about the cost of the job truly have no idea of the effort and time it takes to make something out of steel or iron by hand.

Blacksmithing has been a physically demanding, hot, job with the added bonus of a burn now and then. 

I no longer work on heavy iron chains or straighten buffers for railway rolling stock.

Now days, my wife and I have a small hobby forge at our home in Motueka.

Shifting my focus to artistic blacksmithing has been a lifelong dream which has allowed me to produce smaller lighter more detailed pieces. 

Please do take the time to have a look at what I make.

You never know, there might be something in here you would like to buy.

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