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Hand Fork
How many times have you picked up a hand fork and found the prongs are bent or out of alignment? Or you put some extra effort into prying a stubborn weed from its foothold only to feel the fork bend under the load? It will never happen with this fork. We make our forks from 1040 Medium Tensile Steel. They are forged from one piece of solid steel and carefully hardened and tempered using age old techniques to bring out the most durable properties in the steel. There are no rivets to work loose or welds to fail. This tool has been made for strength, forged from one solid piece of good quality steel, the tang runs the full length of the handle. The wooden handle has been turned from carefully selected New Zealand Ash and is firmly bonded to the tang. The fork sits comfortably in the hand and is a pleasure to use. The dimensions and image are approximate only as each tool being handmade is completely unique. This beautiful handcrafted fork will last a lifetime and make the perfect gift for anyone who loves to get out in the garden.
• Width of head: 50 - 60 mm
• Length of handle: 215 mm
• Total length: 330 - 350 mm
• Number of tines: 3
• Depth of tines: 120 - 140 mm
• Weight: 310 grams
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