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  • Woodworkers Holdfast
    This hand forged woodworker's holdfast is a quick and efficient way of clamping your work piece to your workbench. All you need is a bench at least 40 mm thick and a 20 mm diameter hole to locate the clamp in. Place the clamp on your work piece and hit the top of the clamp with a mallet. The clamp will wedge itself in the hole with a secure grip on your work piece. To release the clamp simply strike the back of the clamp with your mallet. This holdfast has a reach of 220 mm x 350 mm high and is hand made from good quality medium tensile 3/4" round bar. It weighs 1.27 kg. It has a protective beeswax coating. Before using this wax should be removed with turps and a rag and scuff the shaft with sandpaper.
    NZ$ 70.00 Each
    International NZ$ 60.87 Each

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